Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Favorites Part II

My winter favorites are:                                            
Green Olives
Balsamic Vinegar Dressing
Butternut Squash
     Somehow, using these three foods seem to make winter eating, a little bit zestier, a little bit warmer.  The green olives are not like tart martini olives, these are from a can and have a milder taste than black olives. 

     I use the balsamic dressing on salad, rice, cucumbers, and for dipping crusty bread.  It has a strong taste so, I only use a little bit at a time.  My last favorite I have blogged about before.  Butternut squash.  I like it roasted with some cinnamon and honey on it or I make a savory soup with chicken broth and onion.  Either way, I can feel the vitamins and nutrients reviving me. 
     For me, winter is about finding happy things, lovely things, to share with others.  I hope you can find some favorite things that are good for you other than the normal fudge and sugar cookies.  My dad came up to share a meal with my family and I had him try the green olives, he said, "these are my  new favorite too."
     From my kitchen to yours, revive eating well, living well!