Thursday, September 20, 2012

End of Summer

Summer has faded and I am in full swing of planning meals, sports schedules and racing from event to event.  Motherhood is my marathon not a sprint.  I have found that the more I keep to a meal schedule the smoother our days go.  I must admit that I took a big break this summer from my  normal meal planning.  My husband noticed the hap hazard meals.  He said, " I think you took a vacation, when are you coming back?"  When I don't plan, I seem to have missing ingredient in the kitchen, get irritated and overall don't seem to get enough veggies into our meals.
     I really like to play  at the beach during the summer, which is a huge distraction from a routine.  I'm motivated, and  ready to go now.

    My three goals for this school year is to:
1.     Pack a variety of veggies and fruits into sack lunches
2.     Use less plastic bags
3.     Stick to the menu plan

     Celebrating my dads birthday with fresh produce from my brothers garden, sitting around a table with a bowl full of sweet cherry tomatoes is an ideal way to end the summer.

One of my personal goals for this blog is to include what I'm eating.  My hope is to encourage myself to be accountable and second to give you the reader ideas.
Today's menu:
Breakfast:  steel cut oats, raisins, coconut milk,
Snack:  half apple
Lunch:  black rice, stir fried kale, corn, zucchini with salsa
Snack:  carrots, almonds
Dinner:  whole wheat pasta, kale, green beans, sausage
Dessert: peach smoothie
Friends, eat well, live well.

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