Friday, November 16, 2012

Energy Bars

Kids seem to be able to tap into this never ending well of energy.  Running, squirming, bouncing, dancing,  just to name a few moves.  I was interested in making some energy bars for my family.  I went to  They have many to chose from.  It is so much easier than making cookies and better for them. 

     I tried two different kinds.  The first one consists of pumpkin, oats, sugar, eggs, and a little flour.  The second bar has ground up almonds and sesame seeds, mixed with oats, whole wheat flour, eggs and sugar.  To get my kids to eat them I added chocolate chips. 
     Wrapping them individually and putting them in the freezer has really helped me to not eat to many.  Even though these have healthy ingredients, it is easy to eat too many.   If you buy store bought granola bars or energy bars, it doesn't hurt to try and make your own.  Your budget and family just might thank you.  The Internet has a ton of energy bar recipe suggestions. 
     Eat well, live well, and try something new today.  Today is a great day to stay the course, and be steadfast in eating right.

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