Friday, November 30, 2012

My Favorites Part 1

     I have a few foods that are my go to if I'm feeling like I need to get back on track with my daily intake of energy.  Celery is my number one choice.  It is crisp and it feels like it cleans my taste buds of wanting to have sugar. 
     The way that I get my family to eat it is by making a homemade ranch dip.

I make it in small batches.  With just a few ingredients:
Greek yogurt
fresh chopped parsley
Ground pepper
pinch salt
 fresh minced garlic to taste
dash of hot sauce
     I try to cut clery up in the morning so that when I get hungry, it is already to go.  It is also great for taking in the car for a snack,  it wards off those temptations.  As we start driving through town, my kids start smelling the fast food places, like the burger joints.  They instinctively say, "Im hungry."  because their noses are leading them.  I also try and pack apples when ever we travel to ward off those spontaneous fast food stops.     
     Packing healthy snacks is a sure way to eat well.
Eat well, live well!

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