Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pumpkin Galore

     I love to use what I have.  Grandpa gave us pumpkins that he grew in his garden.  We carved them right before the 31st of October.  I then roasted the large pumpkin and pureed it on the next day.  This process isn't for those who don't like to get a little messy. I dove right in peeling the pumpkin skin off with my hands and using my food processor helped speed things up.  For some reason, I find great satisfaction in processing food.  Especially, when I know where the food comes from.  It feels pure, and oh, does it taste good.  I ate a whole slice of pumpkin hot from the oven, with no salt or sugar. 

     I made pumpkin bread and muffins and sent them to school with my son for his teachers.  I feel blessed and want to pass it on.  I snapped this photo very quickly as he was leaving for school.  Sharing just a small gesture like pumpkin bread, I hope it will speak to my children to share God's bounty and blessing with others.  I also, love the thought of getting a gift on a non holiday.  Teachers get gifts at Christmas and the end of the year.  Why not let teachers know you are thankful all year?  Why not let your family know you are thankful for them all year long with small blessings?  A personal challenge for me this year is to express that thankfulness. 
     I keep markers, paper, stickers and specialty napkins right where I make my children's lunches.  I try and send notes quotes or Bible verses with them all year long.  Confidence in my opinion is birthed from knowing that you are loved and supported.  I appreciate that my mother made me feel supported and encouraged in all my interests.         
     Revive, all things pumpkin and thankfulness. 

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