Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Plan

Raising a family is a joy and keeps life full of surprises.  Which is why I find that if I have a plan for meals and for staying fit it makes a world of difference.  I find that making a menu plan and making an appointment with myself to exercise is what helps me.    
I try and keep things in the freezer and in the
 pantry that are good choices.  I love the Costco frozen green beans.  I saute them in fresh garlic and olive oil on high heat.  I then add a little chicken broth and cover them to simmer for  7-9 min.  It gives them so much more flavor than plain boiled beans.

I also keep quinoa in the pantry.  I make a big batch of it and keep it in the fridge for about five days.  Quinoa is a high protein grain.  A 1/2 cup of it has 8mg of iron, and 5g of fiber.   It takes on Mexican or Asian flavors well.  I mix it with black beans and fresh cilantro or add garlic, veggies and sesame oil to give it a kick. According to the book the 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth, quinoa "was known by the Incas as the mother of grains."

Today I plan on making  our weekly menu plan and power walking off, some of the extra cookies I ate over the holidays.    My specific goals for the winter are;
1.  Get outside everyday (no matter the weather)
2.  Drink green tea everyday (my tea time will be 4pm)
3.  Eat well, live well, and stick to the plan (my menu full of veggies) 

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