Friday, December 23, 2011

Start Again

Revive means to start again, bring back to life.  I chose the word revive for this blog to keep my mind to renew, refresh, enliven, my passion for healthy living.  When I started on my journey towards health in 2009, researching food and understanding what is good for me was important.  Sometimes I get distracted and forget.  Today is a new day, a day to start again.  A plant based diet is what I strive for.  Oatmeal is one of my basic building blocks of my diet.

It is such a basic food.  I find that it is a breakfast that I can make taste different everyday.  Here are some of my add-ins that make it taste pretty fabulous.

Frozen blueberries
Crystallized ginger
Ground Coriander
Frozen Peaches
Frozen Pears
Canned pumpkin

I have found that using spices to help combat my desire to have sugar in the oatmeal.  I strive to eat less sugar and start my day with maximum punch.  I make a big batch of the old fashioned oats and re-heat the leftovers.  To keep the cost down I buy a 25 pound bag at (Winco) a grocery store that sells bulk.  I like to eat hot oatmeal from about September to March because something warm in the morning gets me going.  I go with Granola the other months. 

Eat well, live well, and enjoy the view around you.

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