Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Positive Sides of Winter

I read today from the magazine Whole Living,
Brisk, Crisp, Invigorating - Remember all the positive sides of winter. 

One of my winter goals is to get outside each day.  The reason that I chose this goal is because last winter I had a hard time with feeling motivated to get outside.  We moved into a large home, and felt the need to make excuses.  Excuses like, "I need to clean the kitchen."  or "The laundry is piled up."  I had a hard, long winter that I did not enjoy or feel good about.  My new outlook and determination is that getting outside is important for me
It is is important to set a good example for my children and to feel revived, alive, by the beautiful place I live in.  I took our youngest child for a sled ride.   She thought it was awesome, and I got an awesome workout.

The air was crisp and I felt awake.   My heart s filled with gratefulness for snow and the winter weather.  This is the first snowman  I have built in two winters.  The past few years I have made excuses to not wanting to enjoy the snow.  My girls were happy that we made a snow girl with a pink hat.  Pink is a favorite color at our house.  Our household has five girls (six if you count our girl dog) and two boys.  Carrying heavy snow balls around the yard to build a snowman is a great work out.   My arms were sore the next day. 

No matter where you live, I hope you take the time Eat well, live well and enjoy the brisk, crisp, invigorating - winter. 
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  1. This was inspiring, Rosie! I did a walk/run all last winter until I hurt my back. Since then, my exercise has been sporadic. It really does feel good to be out in God's creation, even breathing stinging cold air! Thank you for the encouragement and entertaining reading!