Thursday, January 5, 2012

21 Day Action Plan

I get the Whole Living magazine in the mail.  It is a beautiful magazine with many great tips.  Three years ago I got a copy of the magazine from the Library.  I did the 21 day challenge that they propose.  It was difficult challenge for me then and as I start again I am already wanting sugar.  When the magazine came before Christmas I read about the 21 day challenge and didn't think I would do it.   Now, I am ready to start.

The truth is that over the holidays, I ate way to much sugar.  It is a vicious cycle, my relationship with sugar.  Once I start eating it I have a hard time stopping. 

The 21 day challenge is broken down into one week increments. 

Week One:   Simple meals made by purifying fruits and veggies plus seeds and nuts.
Week Two:  Add High quality protein, and nutrient-rich, whole food
Week Three:  Add gluten-free grains and eggs.

I love to menu plan.  Right now, I have my family's regular menu (which includes pasta, bread and meat)  For these three weeks, I have my own menu.  I usually don't like to have it so separate, but, I need to kick my sugar habit.

If you are interested in looking at the recipes and foods the Whole Living website is fabulous, you don't need to purchase the magazine.  They have 50 recipes and a shopping list that you can print out. Go to

Yesterday I tried a carrot, ginger smoothie.  I'm making a butternut soup for lunch (making enough for leftovers) and a steamed broccoli recipe for dinner.

For breakfast,  I tryed the kale, banana smoothie.   I substituted swiss chard.  The store was out of kale.  I laughed, and told my husband, "See, a shortage, everyone is trying to get healthy."

The smoothie was simple, just some spinach, banana, wilted swiss chard and some ginger.  I was surprised that I liked it.  The ginger masked that green taste. 
I am a person who likes to see all that I can eat and not what my limitations are.  This helps me mentally.  I like to  have more choices and not feel deprived.  My fridge is currently stocked with veggies.  My suggestion before you start any sort of  change is, be prepared, go grocery shopping.

The Six things that the magazine suggest that you skip for the three weeks is difficult but necessary. 
 1.  processed foods or beverages
2.  Added sugar
3.  Dairy
4.  Gluten
5.  Caffeine
6.  Alcohol

I have a hard time following rules, and being rigid.  I already have cheated and had green tea and a sip of my husbands coffee. My main goal is to kick the sugar habit and then after the three weeks, be very mindful of the sugars I choose.  I hope that you eat well, live well and eat your veggies.

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