Sunday, January 8, 2012

Simple Foods

I love to have easy fast food to make.  This Baked Apple  recipe takes minutes to prepare.  It makes my house smell like candy.  You can add less sugar and make it better for you.

Baked Apples
Core 7-8 apples in 9X13 pan
(Tart, firm apples work best, cut bottoms to sit flat in pan)
put a small pat (about 1/2 tsp) butter inside apple
pour small amount of real maple syrup
sprinkle with brown sugar,
 bake at 350 degrees
These apples took about 20 min.  Large Granny Smith Apples have taken 40 min for me.  After 10 min. I pulled them out and spooned the melted butter, syrup, sugar mixture, back into top hole of apples.  My husband likes it served with ice-cream.
I Love spinach!  My favorite way to eat it is tossed with, celery, walnuts, feta cheese and a vinegar based dressing. 
 I am always trying to sneak spinach into our dinners for the family to eat.  I saute it and put it in spaghetti, soups, sandwiches and wraps.  Many times my daughter will ask before even taking a bite, "Did you put spinach in this?"  Spinach is one that is affordable to buy organic.  Most grocery stores sell it and it isn't much more than regular. I also try to keep some in the freezer  to add to soup.

To give you an up date on my winter goals, yes,  I have been drinking tea each day.  I mostly have been drinking green tea, but, I have a great,  black almond tea that has been great for my afternoon tea time.
I think that apples, spinach and tea are beautiful, wise choices to make life simple.  For this week less is more.   
Make life simple, eat well, live well and sip some tea. 
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