Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Inspiration to Run

My cousin Amber, who has three lovely girls and live s in Oregon with her husband, is a inspiration to me.  She is doing her first 1/2 marathon this weekend.  I contacted her via facebook, to get more of the story of what motivated her to decided to run. 
Here is a picture of us from two years ago, the last time I saw her.

I specifically asked her, "did you do sports in high school?"

No, I did some sports in Junior High but honestly didn't go any further because I hated all the running...haha. No, seriously, I hated running and honestly thought I couldn't run. Last spring after I lost 30 lbs and had been walking regularly I finally built up the confidence to try. I ran around our block (.5) and just about passed out. I then started running smaller portions of my normal walking route and finally built up the confidence to go running at a park...in public! At first, I was worried that everyone would be able to tell that I wasn't a real runner but, as I built up my endurance my confidence grew. (If you couldn't tell, running has helped me develop more confidence:). I tell everyone, if I can do it, you can do it. I hope I can inspire someone! You were definitely an inspiration to me:)

Here is a picture of her on her last "long run" getting ready for this weekend.

I am so proud of her.  She looks strong and ready!  It takes courage to be determined, and dedicated to train for a half marathon.
Amber got it just right when she said "as I built up my endurance, my confidence grew."   Getting fit takes time and a willingness to push past self-doubt. 
No matter what age or fitness level, we can all make a choice to be active.  It may not be running for everyone.  It may take a different form for you. 
I have found running to be great for me physically emotionally and spiritually.  These are my top reasons I like to run:
1.  Its free (no special gym membership required)
2.  It gets me out into nature
3.  I can focus on praying or clearing my head of junk
4.  I feel alive and energized when finished
My thoughts and prayers will be with Amber this weekend.  She is going to do great!  I hope we all can stay on track, eat well, live well, and push past self doubt.

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