Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hummus in a Flash

Hands down, hummus is my favorite way to dip vegetables.  Celery, carrots, peppers, cucumbers all taste great with this creamy spread.  My second favorite way is to put it in wraps or on sandwiches.  I think that the store bought varieties taste fine, but made at home costs less and can be whipped up quickly. 

You only need one specialty item, Tahini.  Most grocery stores carry this item.  It looks like peanut butter.  It is made from sesame seeds.  It is more expensive than peanut butter, but you only use a small amount at a time.  My jar lasted for a year.  My youngest daughter was happy to pose with my jar.


2 cans drained and rinsed chickpeas or garbanzo beans
1-3 cloves garlic  (I usually put in three, if you are very brave put in four) 
1 tsp. tahini
1/4- 1/2 c. Olive oil
1 whole juice from a fresh lemon
salt to taste

Put all ingredients in the blender.  Blend, then blend some more.  It takes a 3-5 min. to get it to a creamy texture.  It also depends on the strength of your blender.  If you have a food processor, use that.  You can add water or more oil if it isn't blending well.   Add water a splash at a time.  You don't want it to taste watered down.

The finished product should be creamy with out chunks of garbanzo beans. It may not be a favorite for everyone, but I am always on the look out for healthy foods that are low in calorie and big on flavor.  The garlic and fresh lemon bring a big wow factor, a zing to this dip. 

 I think that garbanzo beans are a great little bean.  Garbanzo beans curb over eating for me.  They are full of fiber and it fills me up.    
I bring my hummus dip to parties, play dates, Bible study and most recently as a snack when we went shopping.  It helped my hunger pains between shopping at Value Village and Ross.  I think since I tend to bring it everywhere, many people over the past two years ask me how I make this dip.  I am happy to be able to post this to my blog as a resource for my friends.  My friends, eat well, live well, and enjoy your day.

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