Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cupcakes Part Two

In my book cupcakes equals love.  Everyone at my house loves cupcakes. 
I wanted to try a new recipe for a low fat one.  I had my children help me.  As I got the applesauce out, they begged me, "No, don't put that in, you will ruin them."  The finished cupcakes turned out tasting great. 

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Tip # 1  to get cupcakes to have that soft, fluffy texture is to sift the dry ingredients.  This helps get any clumps from the baking soda or flour.  I use to think it was a waste of time, but it is totally worth it, plus it is fun.

Tip #2  Use a lowfat milk and a tsp of vinegar to thicken it.  This tricks the cupcakes and our taste buds to think it has high fat buttermilk.

Tip #3  I reduced the oil to 3 T. and added a 1/4 cup plain applesauce.  The finished cupcakes didn't taste like apples at all.

My other favorite thing about cupcakes is that they bake up and cool so much faster than a cake.  This satisfies my kids need to taste them the same day that we make them.   Cupcakes in general, help me with portion control.  One cupcake isn't so bad, and tastes oh so good.

  With all the cupcake love that will take place before valentines day, try a low-fat recipe, or experiment with a new recipe.  Eat well, live well, and "love thy cupcakes."

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