Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Noodle Lunch

I attempt to re-create food from my favorite places to eat. A place called the Noodle Bowl, that is near two of my most favorite stores to shop at, Costco and Michaels.  If I get to go to all three places in one day, I'm on cloud nine.  In re-crating the noodle dishes, I try to make sure that the veggies, are abundant to outweigh the carbs in the noodles.
The real star of this dish is the red pepper, sweet, nutritious and with a crunch.
This is a fairly easy dish to assemble once the noodles are cooked, it just takes a large saute pan. My whole family loves the taste of Mr. Yoshida's Original Gourmet Sweet and Savory.  The main ingredient is soy sauce, beware to not add too much if you are watching your salt in-take.
Once one package of regular spaghetti noodles is over-cooked (about 15 min.)  I drain it and put it back into the pot, then, pour Yoshida's over it.  Stirring every 10 min, letting the noodles soak up the sauce for at least 30 min.
Vegetables Chopped for a high heat saute:
Red Pepper
Once the vegetables are cooked (firm and slightly crunchy) I add the noodles and stir to coat the veggies with the sauce.  Just before serving add a few chopped peanuts to give it that extra crunch.

  This dish makes a great dinner too, you can add chicken, pork, or beef sliced thin. The colors are beautiful from the veggies and the leftovers are great. When I make this at home, I have to put the leftovers quickly into the fridge, dare I might eat the whole pan.  Noodles are easy for me to over-indulge in.  My friends, eat well, live well, and make a beautiful lunch    

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