Monday, February 27, 2012

Snacks for the Weekend

My mission for weekends are:
have my family eat lots of fruits and vegetables.  
This equals many snacks.  Keeping the snacks on the counter or easy to access  to take with us are helps this be possible.  Weekends can be a trouble spot for me to overeat or pick poor choices.  Fresh fruits like strawberries and cucumbers are favorites at my house.  A container of strawberries goes quick. 

We often have snacks on Sunday evenings.  Our two top picks are popcorn and nachos.  Years ago, our nachos mainly had chips and cheese.  I have slowly, added more and more veggies to our nachos and less cheese. 

I asked my daughter to take a picture of me in the kitchen.  When I read other peoples blogs, I always wonder what they look like.  Which is why I am adding this picture of me.

I love wearing an apron.  Yes, the purpose is to keep your clothes clean, but, I love how it makes me feel.  It makes me feel like I'm in uniform, ready to accomplish something,  to revive something good.  Making food that tastes good and is good for me is my goal. 
Happy snacking to you.  Eat well.  Live well.
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