Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Spinach Pasta

Garlic and spinach are an amazing combination together.   When poured over hot pasta, it becomes an instant super dish.  This recipe is incredibly fast and easy.  I love the color green especially on days that are cloudy and grey. 

I was low on time and items in my pantry.  This dinner came together in about 15 min.   This would be great with chicken, and transports well in a casserole dish.

Spring Spinach Pasta
4 cloves fresh garlic
8 oz  of spinach ( I used roughly half of my 16oz bag from the grocery store)
1/4-1/2 c. olive oil
dash of salt and pepper

Blend together in blender until a creamy texture forms.  Pour over hot drained pasta of choice.  Make sure you lick the spatula after scraping all of this green goodness out of the blender.  You won't want any of this to go to waste.

If you are wondering if my kids ate this.  Yes, all gone.  Not one complaint.  If I had a lemon I would of been good to give it a little bit of zestiness.   Other than that, this spinach dish was a slam dunk!

The color of the blended spinach screams spring!  I am in full anticipation of spending more time outside, green grass, leaves and spring flowers.  Here, where  I live,  it seems to take a long time.  Today, I will be thankful for the green that the pine trees provided.

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