Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thinking of Spring

I went to a craft store this week and was distracted by all the glittery eggs.  I decided that paying 99 cents per egg was way too expensive. I knew I could do it at home.  Glitter, decoupage glue and a plastic egg, so simple and easy. 

I love bringing beauty from outside into my home.  The pussy willows are the first things to have buds around here.  It makes me hopeful for spring.
I have been craving chicken.  I made my first chicken pot pie.  I used many veggies and made my own gravy with low sodium chicken broth.  My kids were skeptical but were easily swayed once they tried it.  I added rosemary to give it that, oh so, comfort taste. 

March Madness equals many games on the big screen at our house.  I love basketball.  I would rather play it than watch it any day.  I took my son to get some fresh air and play a game of "horse."  I loved it.  Thanks for stopping by and letting me share with you as I continue my journey of healthy eating and living. 

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