Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stinky Sock Dinner

     My kitchen had many aromas, scents and smells while I was cooking.  My kids kept saying,  "What is that smell?"  I kept cooking my potato salmon chowder and my cucumber salad joyfully.  I have been thinking and dreaming of summer and  fresh veggies from the garden.   My cucumber salad had:
sliced cucumbers
caramelized onions
apple cider vinegar
olive oil
two torn basil leaves
pinch of salt and pepper 
     We we finally sat down to eat.  My oldest girl said, "Mom, this smells like dirty socks."  I can't say they enjoyed dinner as much as I did. 
     Our snow is starting to melt and being outside in the afternoons, is wetting my appetite for spring, summer and lots of smoothies.

     I have recently started adding ground up chia seeds to my smoothies.  I like how easy they are to add, plus they are tasteless. 
     For a little over two months, I have been blogging about food and fitness inspiration.  I am not an expert at cooking or meal planning, but I strive to keep getting better.   Hundreds of pictures later, my husband and kids have noticed how many pictures of food I take.  Our son said to me, as he was waiting at the table, "Do you have to take pictures before we eat?" My three year old has a little different view on it.  Every time, I cook anything, she tells me in her bossy three year old manner, "Take a picture mom."  My plan is to continue to invite you into my kitchen and our lives as we strive for eating well and living well, one meal at a time.  If you haven't yet, take a moment to join this site.

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